SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents

Foreign residents who live in Sapporo are welcome to come consult about problems that they have encountered in their lives in Japan. Advice and support will be provided so that the consultee can be better prepared to solve problems by themselves.

※While you can still come for in-person consultations, we encourage considering consultation by email or phone to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Help Desk can provide consultation for a variety of problems, such as

  • Where to learn Japanese?
  • How to respond to letters from the ward office?
  • What do I need to know when my wife is expecting a baby?
  • How to apply for a daycare center?
  • How to file an income tax return?
  • How to deal with family troubles? etc.

※A representative is acceptable if the person in question cannot come him or herself.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 9:30AM~5PM

※Closed on national holidays and during the New Year's break (12/29-1/3).

Multilingual Support

We have staff who can speak simple Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Other language support will be provided via telephone interpretation.
Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, Nepali, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian,
German, Italian, Myanmar, Khmer, Mongolian, Sinhala

※The use of telephone interpretation is for free.


Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation

Address:3F MN Building, Kita 1-jo Nishi 3-chome, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo


Please understand the following conditions in advance

  • The purpose of the Help Desk is to provide support for the users to solve problems.
  • To provide support, we may share information with relevant organization(s) or professionals.
  • Your case may be shared and handled by more than one consultant.
  • The Help Desk does not lend money/goods to users, and does not provide accommodation.
  • The Help Desk may not provide support in the following cases:
    • if a user is already in the middle of a dispute in court.
    • if the issue may bring undue profits to particular individual or organization.
    • if the issue may put a consultant in danger.
  • Personal information provided will be kept confidential, and it will not be shared with someone/organization that is not involved in the support given to the users.
  • Should the use of telephone interpretation be necessary, the call will be recorded. The recording is to ensure that the interpreted content is accurate, and will not be shared with any outside parties.

Check the flyer of the Sapporo Help Desk for Foreign Residents

Free Professional Consultations for Foreign Nationals

Free consultation sessions that you can consult with specialists such as Gyosei Shoshi (administrative procedures specialists), lawyers and tax accountants will be held once every two months.

For more information, please click here