Foreign Language Volunteer

The foreign language volunteer system was established in 1977 to promote international exchange and convention activities with the support of citizen volunteers with language skills, toward contributing to the development of Sapporo as "a city of 3 Cs" (citizens, conventions and communication).

The volunteer registration is accepted in twice of each year (spring and summer) and volunteers are required to have conversational language skills. For non-Japanese residents, Japanese reading comprehension also necessary.

Main activities
  • 1. Serving as interpreters in exchange activities with sister cities and other foreign municipalities.
  • 2. Serving as interpreters at international conventions held in Sapporo, and providing information on venues and tourist spots in and around the city.
  • 3. Providing information to non-Japanese residents and tourists.
  • International Community Bereau
    TEL: 011-211-2105  FAX: 011-232-3833


Sapporo Community Interpreter

Sapporo Community Interpreters are available for interpretation for consultations with or procedures at ward offices or schools, nurseries, ward offices, etc. Interpreters will be sent out when using services or facilities in Sapporo.

Available for use during these circumstances
  • ○ Enrollment procedures for elementary/middle school
  • ○ Receiving explanations/going through procedures regarding enrollment in nurseries (childcare facilities)
  • ○ When speaking with school or nursery teachers
  • ○ When participating in mothering classes held by the City of Sapporo
  • ○ When a public health nurse comes to your home when a child is born etc.
  • Date and time services are available:
  • (Generally) Monday-Friday 9AM-5:30PM (For 2 hours or less per dispatch.)
  • Languages (Interpreters are citizen volunteers, not professionals):
  • English/Chinese ⇔ Japanese (For other languages, please consult us.)
  • ◎ Free of charge ◎
    Feel free to contact us first!
    International Community Bereau


    TEL: 011-211-2105  FAX: 011-232-3833


Sapporo Community Interpreter Flier (ENG/CH/JPN)