Home Stay Volunteer

Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation has established a system of volunteer home stay families to promote international exchanges at the grassroots level. Foreigners visiting Sapporo for exchange activities stay at citizens' residences. Living together, they both can understand more about other countries and people while appreciating differences in culture and customs.

The Plaza's home stay volunteer system comprises two programs:

  • 1. Home stay program: Overseas visitors stay with host families overnight or longer. This program is used in sister-city exchange activities, the World Youth Fest in Hokkaido, and European Committee Businessman Program.
  • 2. Home visit program: Foreigners visit citizens' residences without staying overnight.


Only the people who aim to promote international exchanges, and invited by Sapporo organizations are eligible. Also, it is necessary that these organizations serve as the guarantors of the home stay visitors. International students and training enrollees, as well as JET program participants living outside Sapporo, can apply for this system by obtaining a guarantee for their statuses from their institutions or organizations.

If you are an international student studying at university or college in Hokkaido,
please contact the office in charge of international students on your campus.

Length of stay

Up to three nights, in principle. Some programs, however, allow longer stays.

Charge to be a home stay visitor

None. However, the applicant is required to buy volunteer insurance for the host family. The insurance is 300yen per person (two insured persons for one host family). In addition, applicants must bear partial costs of host families' transportation incurred when hostfamilies go to meet guests. This should be in the form of 1000yen With-you-card that is a prepaid card for Sapporo transportation system. For stays of four nights or longer, the guarantor or the home stay visitor must pay 1,000yen a night (retroactive to the first night) to the host family via the Plaza.

Application to be a home stay visitor

Application procedures:
To apply for the home stay program, the organization acting as the guarantor of the applicant must submit a request and visitor's application in designated forms. The detailed information and request and application forms will be provided on request. Please ask your guarantor to contact the Plaza.
Application to be a home stay visitor should be submitted as early as possible, because it takes more than two weeks to arrange for host families.
The Plaza may be unable to find host families if no families have applied to host home stay visitors.

Insurance for volunteer host families:

For home stays of three nights or shorter, the applicant requesting the home stay must purchase volunteer insurance of the Sapporo Social Welfare Council. The insurance is 300 per person and is valid for one year. (Two insured persons for one host family) Upon receiving the application, the Plaza will send documents to the organization requesting the home stay.)