Sister Cities / Sister Cities Association

Sister Cities

Sapporo has five sister/friendship cities.
*For detailed information on each city, please see the Sapporo city webpage.Sapporo has five sister/friendship cities.

Sapporo Sister Cities Association

The Sapporo Sister Cities Association was established in April 1986 to promote exchange between Sapporo and it's sister cities/friendship cities and to contribute to friendship and goodwill. Since April 2012, the association has been promoting sister city exchange projects together with the Sapporo International Communication Plaza.

Sapporo Sister Cities Association Facebook Page

Latest information from the Sapporo Sister Cities Association, including event information, interaction with sister cities and friendship cities, etc., is uploaded online. Please have a look.

Sapporo Sister City Association Facebook

Sister Cities Newsletter "Tomo"

The Sapporo Sister Cities Association publishes sister city news "Tomo" with the aim of promoting sister city exchange and increasing awareness of exchange projects. The latest issue has been published, so please have a look.

"Sister City News Tomo No. 131"

About Sister Cities Introductory Panel Rentals

The Sapporo Sister Cities Association lends panels introducing the five sister cities/friendship cities in an easy-to-understand manner, geared towards the general public and children, respectively. Feel free to make use of them at places of learning and events which deepen understanding about sister cities! Details are as follows.

  1. Panel outline
    A1 size · Frame included (length 85 cm × width 60 cm) × 5 to 6 panels on all cities
    (1 panel per city: Portland, Munich, Shenyang, Novosibirsk, Daejeon)
    Panels cover the content of each city's history, townscape, events, arts, culture, industry and so on.

    【For children】
    A1 size · Frame included (length 85 cm × width 60 cm) × 1 each
    (All cities: Sapporo, Portland, Munich, Shenyang, Novosibirsk, Daejeon)
    In addition to the basic information of each city, it covers topics that are interested in children such as words of thanks, popular sports, cuisine, and the school system. Samples can be found here.
  2. How to Apply
    Rentals are free, but the organizations applying are responsible for any costs relating to pick-up/drop-off of the panels. In principal, panels may be loaned for a period of two weeks. Those who wish to borrow the panels, please contact SICPF International Community Bureau (011-211-2105).
※Events panels have been used for
  • Sapporo International Exchange Center (Rifure Sapporo) "Sister Cities Panel Exhibition in Sapporo"
  • JICA Hokkaido (Sapporo) "JICA Sekai Fureai Hiroba"
  • and more.
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