Child-rearing Support

SICPF is providing assistance with parenting support services and helps connect with other mothers in the area so that foreigners can experience childbirth and raising a child with peace of mind.

Parenting seminars & consultations for foreigners

We hold seminars three times a year for foreigners who raise children in Sapporo.
You can hear about child-raising in Japanese, English, and Chinese. After the seminar, you can consult experts about parenting questions and worries.

Date & Time Lecturer Theme Handout(s)
2019. Jul. 21 (Sun.)
Public health nurse
Children's Healthcare  
2019. Oct. 6 (Sun.)
Staff from the Bureau for the Future of Children Applying to Public Daycare Centers  
2019. Dec. 5 (Thu.)
Nursery teacher Let's Enjoy Winter!  

Dispatch of community interpreter to parenting consultation sessions and lectures

We will dispatch Sapporo Community Interpreters for free to consultations and courses at the Child Care General Support Center.
To use a community interpreter, please contact SICPF ( or 011-211-2105) at least 5 days prior to the day you want an interpreter to be sent out.

Date and time

★ Nutrition counseling: second Thursday of every month from 13: 00-16: 00
Nutritionists will provide consul on baby food, breast feeding, meals etc.

★ Dental counseling: 4 times a year. 2019 Jul. 9, Sep.5, Nov. 7 and 2020 Jan. 31
Dental hygienists will provide consul about children's teeth, such as prevention of dental decay and tooth brushing.

★ Health lectures: 4 times a year. 2019 May. 31, Jul. 5, Oct. 3, Nov. 13

In addition to the above projects, community interpreters can be used for procedures at daycare centers and health centers. For details please contact SICPF

"Sapporo Childcare Guide" English version

We create and distribute the English version of the "Sapporo Childcare Guide," published by the City of Sapporo.

In addition, multilingual materials on parenting can be found here.