Sapporo International Communication Plaza provides information on Japanese language learning support in the city so that foreigners and their children can live safely and independently. We also conduct seminars and other activities for instructors and supporters.

Learning Japanese

Japanese volunteer classroom in the city

There are many Japanese volunteer classrooms in Sapporo city. Please check with the list as time, place and fee are different.
The list can be found in the "Multilingual Materials."

List of Japanese language schools in Sapporo

Website useful for studying Japanese

Learning support for children with multicultural backgrounds

Efforts of the Sapporo City Board of Education

Sapporo City Education Center Japanese Classroom

The Sapporo City Education Center provides support in studying Japanese and adapting to school life for students returning from abroad or students from overseas who attend Sapporo municipal elementary and junior high schools. Schools need to apply to the Sapporo City Board of Education. Please talk with your teacher.
URL: (Japanese only)

Dispatch of Japanese Instructor

Japanese teaching volunteers will be dispatched once or twice a week to schools with children who need Japanese language learning support. Schools need to apply to the Sapporo City Board of Education. Please talk with your teacher.

Learning support at the Sapporo International Communication Plaza; Foreign Language Volunteer Network "LINK "

The LINK program helps elementary school students and junior high school students do their homework for 3-5 days during spring break, summer vacation, and winter vacation. This is a free service.
URL: (Japanese only)

Seminar for supporters etc.

Regional Japanese Language Education Seminar

We hold seminars several times a year for persons who are Japanese language volunteers and other people concerned with Japanese language education.

Seminar on children growing up in a multilingual environment

Informational seminars are held to discuss how multicultural and multilingual environments affects children's learning, the current state of their educational setting, things to take note of in the home, and how to make use of characteristics which children who grew up in a multicultural/multilingual environment possess. (2015-2019).

★ The Sapporo International Communication Plaza is spreading the word on "Easy Japanese."

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