Foreign Language Volunteers

The Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation (SICPF) Foreign Language Volunteer System is a system established in 1973 which embodies the "three Cs" (community development through Citizens, Conventions and Communication) and was created to support international exchange and conventions using foreign languages through the citizen's volunteer spirit.

During a certain period every year, SICPF recruits volunteers to participate in city planning through the promotion of MICE (*) and multicultural symbiosis (*), which make full use of regional characteristics of Sapporo. For volunteer activities, foreign language capabilities, communication skills indispensable for the development of a multicultural society, and a motivation to work towards making Sapporo an international city full of smiles are required.


Main activities

  •  (1) Supplying information for foreign tourists or households
  •  (2) Lifestyle support for foreign residents so as to achieve multicultural coexistence
  •  (3) Cooperation for conventions (interpretation, reception, venue information, tourist information, etc.)
  •  (4) Interpretation and guidance concerning exchanges with overseas cities, such as sister cities

To those who want to volunteer using foreign languages

Participation in "registration briefing session" to be held in spring is a prerequisite for registration.


All languages

【Qualification requirements for volunteer registration】

  •  (1) Healthy individuals over 15 years old (high school students and above) living in Sapporo city or its suburbs (Ishikari, Iwamizawa, Eniwa, Ebetsu, Otaru, Chitose, Kitahiroshima, Abashiri, Tomakomai, etc.). However, in principle, high school students' participation is limited to activities occurring over school holidays.
  •  (2) Must be willing to contribute as a volunteer to community development through promotion of multicultural symbiosis and MICE and able to cooperate with provision of lifestyle and tourist information in Japanese and foreign languages, introduction of Japanese culture, exchange events with sister cities, and activities relating to MICE operational support.
  •  (3) Each activity requires more than conversational-level skills in each language. We welcome those who are native speakers of foreign languages, but they must be able to read Japanese documents and understand conversational-level Japanese and announcements from SICPF. There is an international volunteer network.

※ Registration is renewed annually.

About the Foreign Language Volunteer Network

The SICP Foreign Language Volunteer Network is a voluntary activity organization composed of registered SICPF Foreign Language Volunteers who will voluntarily choose to join when registering as a language volunteer (volunteers are welcome to join us at a later date.) In the volunteer network, apart from information from the SICPF about events which volunteers are dispatched out to, there are various opportunities for volunteers to plan and manage projects throughout the year, including hospitality-related activities at the Snow Festival venue and the Sapporo Clock Tower and provision of living support for foreign citizens. When joining the volunteer network, membership fee payment (2,000 yen / fiscal year) is required.

【Foreign Language Volunteer Network Official Website】

【Contact Information】

International Community Bureau
TEL: 011-211-2105  FAX: 011-232-3833

※when sending an email, please replace “(at)” with “@”.

To those who require the assistance of foreign language volunteers

We will dispatch foreign language volunteers for international exchange projects based in Sapporo (sports competitions etc.) and conventions. This project is intended for foreign language volunteers to help out with projects and conventions which reflect the locality, and to interact with foreign visitors as the face of Sapporo, channeling their language skills and volunteer spirit.

Events volunteers can be dispatched to

  1. Concerning holding of international conferences
    ○Information desk: We will provide information on touring the city, venue information, and more to international conference participants.
    ○Assistance in Japanese cultural experience programs conducted by citizen volunteers.

    * For details, please contact the Sapporo Convention Bureau.
  2. Regarding overseas delegations/visiting groups and athletic delegations
    Interpretation assistance for host and delegation members (Advanced interpretation i.e. interpretation for the moderation, announcements, seminars and presentations, and interviews is not possible.)
  3. Guide assistance
    We will provide information for and assist in guiding tourists and foreign residents from within Japan and overseas at station premises, ward offices, and other locations.
  4. Other operational support
    Please contact us if there are any international events that you would like assistance in running smoothly.
  5. Concerning lifestyle support for foreign residents
    Sapporo Community Interpreters can be dispatched if you need an interpretation for foreign residents at city-related facilities in Sapporo such as ward offices (for ward-office related procedures), schools, nurseries and so on.

Expenses related to dispatching volunteers

  1. Expenses for transportation to the location where interpretation is needed
  2. Expenses incurred during interpretation activities (meal fee, transportation expenses, etc.)

Application procedure

After you confirm the date and time, language, number of people, and content of activity that volunteer dispatch is necessary for, you will be required to submit "Application Form for Foreign Language Volunteer Dispatch Request" (The form will be sent by SICPF after confirming the content).
※ As a rule, please contact us for volunteer dispatch requests 1 month in advance.

About dispatching foreign language volunteers

【Contact Information】

International Community Bureau
TEL: 011-211-2105  FAX: 011-232-3833

※when sending an email, please replace “(at)” with “@”.

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