International Volunteer Network

This network widely recruits and accepts registration of foreign citizens who wish to utilize their own experiences and cultural background, and provides information to registrants or dispatches registrants out to organizations that need the cooperation of foreigners and that request dispatch services in order to make Sapporo an international and intercultural city.

【Target applicants for this system】

Foreigners who intend to contribute to promoting city development and interculturalism in Sapporo

【Conditions of registration】

  1. Be able to communicate in Japanese or English
  2. Be able to cooperate with Sapporo International Communication Plaza, other volunteers, and other stakeholders

【How to register】

Registration applicants should visit the Sapporo International Communication Plaza where they will receive an explanation of the system through an informal interview with the staff in charge, confirm any contractual matters, and fill out basic information such as name, contact information, period you will be staying in Sapporo, period you wish to be involved in the network, personal interests and fields of specialty in the prescribed application form. We will accept requests for registration at any time.

【Number of registrants】

31 people as of February 1, 2020
※For details, please ask the department in charge.

International Community Bureau
TEL: 011-211-2105
※when sending an email, please replace “(at)” with “@”.