Sapporo International Citizen Partners (former International Volunteer Network)

As part of an effort to make Sapporo an international and intercultural city, this program widely recruits and accepts registration of foreign residents who wish to utilize their own experiences and cultural background through volunteer activities, and dispatches the registrants upon request from organizations that require their participation and cooperation.

【Examples of activities】

1. Helping at events organized by SICPF or the City of Sapporo (introducing your county, attending cultural exchange events, etc.)
2. Assisting community events (activities organized by neighborhood association, beach cleanups, etc.) as staff members.

To foreign nationals

【Target applicants】

Foreign nationals who live in Sapporo and surrounding areas, and are willing to contribute to multicultural community development in Sapporo through volunteer activities.
Note: Japanese nationals who would like to utilize their foreign language skills are recommended to register as a Foreign Language Volunteer.


  1. Ability to communicate in Japanese or English
  2. Ability to cooperate with Sapporo International Communication Plaza, other volunteers, and other people involved.

【How to register】

Applicants should visit the Sapporo International Communication Plaza and receive an explanation about the program through an informal interview with the staff in charge, confirm some contractual matters, and fill out basic information such as name, contact information, duration of stay in Sapporo, personal interests and fields of specialty in the registration form. Applications are accepted all year round.

【Number of registrants】

27 people as of March 1, 2021

Recruitment flyer

To those who wish to request dispatch of the Sapporo International Citizen Partners

About dispatching volunteers (Japanese)

International Community Bureau
TEL: 011-211-2105
※when sending an email, please replace “(at)” with “@”.