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Severe Snow Storm Warning(2023.2.1)


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Strong winds and heavy snow are expected in Sapporo and Hokkaido.
JR trains will not be running after 8:00 PM tonight.
Please carefully check transportation information and return home quickly.
JR websites:

 Check the weather forecast on TV, the internet, or on the radio.
1) Refrain from going out.
 Avoid going out unnecessarily. If you must go outside, be careful of flying objects and wear layers of clothing to prevent hypothermia.
2) Transportation systems

In addition to JR, there is a possibility of traffic disruption for buses, airline flights, and other services. Please pay attention to the information provided by each transportation service.
3) Drivers should be aware of poor visibility and deteriorating road conditions.

Prepare shovels, blankets, portable body warmers, etc. in your car in case of emergency.
Please be aware that there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and even death, due to incomplete combustion if your car gets stuck in the snow.
4) Be prepared for power outages.
 Be prepared with flashlights and warm clothing in case of a power outage. Clear away snow when conditions allow in order to secure entrances and exits.

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