International Cooperation / Collaboration with other Organizations

International Cooperation

SICPF conducts education of international cooperation activities in various forms through cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), NGOs, and others.

【Examples of educational activities】

JICA volunteer return meeting, co-organized by SICPF
Seminars co-hosted by SICPF with Hokkaido International Exchange Center, General Foundation, others

Collaboration & Training for Leaders

Medical English/Interpretation Seminar

The SICPF is working to support interpreters who have acquired professional knowledge and interpretation skills in the medical field who can assist foreigners in overcoming the language barrier and so they can receive medical treatment with peace of mind. In addition, we are raising the standards for medical professionals who can communicate in foreign languages.
For details on courses, please check the seminar & event information.

"Medical interpreter volunteer study group"

Since FY 2008, SICPF holds hands-on study sessions for medical interpreters, co-organized with medical interpreting volunteer groups in the city.
Co-organizer: NPO SEMI Sapporo, Sapporo Chinese Medical Interpretation Group (SCI)
For details, please check here (Japanese).

Workshops in Multiculturalism

SICPF works with local governments, international exchange associations and citizen groups in Hokkaido to create a network working to alleviate any issues which arise when foreigners and Japanese live side-by-side. Workshops are held once or twice a year where each person in charge can form a visible connection and learn about problem solving.

Support for the foreign community

SICPF assists with community activities created mainly by foreign residents living in Japan. In addition, we support public-benefit corporations mainly geared towards the foreign community living in the Sapporo area.

【Example of cooperation】

Cooperation with consular services of the Embassy of the Philippines in Tokyo
Cooperation with projects implemented by the Hokkaido Filipino Association
Cooperation with projects implemented by the Hokkaido Multinational Support Community

International Exchange Forum for Sapporo Area Universities

The International Exchange Forum for Sapporo Area Universities was established in July 1989 to build a network for universities in the Sapporo area share issues relating to international exchange. The Forum is currently active with the main goal being exchanging information and promoting research on international affiliations and multiculturalism at universities and junior colleges in the Sapporo area. The Sapporo International Communication Plaza supported its activities at the time of its establishment, and has been appointed to manage secretarial duties up to now.

International Exchange Forum for Sapporo Area Universities Official Website

Sapporo International Communication and Multicultural Organizations Directory "Meikan"

The SICPF manages the Sapporo International Communication and Multicultural Organizations Directory "Meikan" in order to broadly introduce activities of international exchange and cooperation groups based in Sapporo to citizens and to help groups exchange information and build networks.
This site can be browsed in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean so that many people can use it. In addition, groups that are registered with Meikan can easily send up-to-date information such as business guidance.

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